Spiritual formation coaching: 

Imago Christi Spiritual Formation Coaching Manual


We are excited to share with you the Imago Christi Spiritual Formation Coaching Manual to assist you in your ministry of helping others.

We hear from many spiritual directors, Christian mentors, and coaches about the need for effective tools to help others with specific aspects of the Christian journey.  While a good listening ear and general support and guidance can prove helpful, we have all experienced times when those we help need more. People need specific coaching to understand their journey process, to develop their prayer life, to use specific spiritual disciplines consistent with their needs, and to develop a clear understanding of how to cooperate with God in the Holy Spirit’s ongoing work of transformation.

This coaching manual contains both the necessary knowledge for the topic as well as coaching guidelines and questions for the coaching process. You’ll find the following resources, based on our coaching experience and the resources of our Spiritual Formation Discovery in the Imago Christi Spiritual Formation Coaching Manual, along with extensive bibliographies in each chapter. 


Purchasing the Coaching Manual

We are please to announce that The Coaching Manual is now a self-published book, and will no longer be sold in electronic form. 

Please fill out the Registration Form by clicking the link below, and then you will be given the link to the publisher's site where you can purchase the Coaching Manual.

Coaching Manual: 

Cost: $80.00



Coaching Manual Summary

Chapter 1 - An Introduction to Spiritual Formation Coaching

Provides a clear coaching model and parameters for Spiritual Formation Coaching  

Chapter 2 - Coaching the Teresian Mapping Tool

Help your coachees discover where they are in their journey to intimacy with God, using the Teresian Mansions as a journey paradigm.

While Chapter 2, "Coaching the Teresian Mapping Tool," may be purchased alone or as part of the set, training is required to access the Tool and use it in your coaching ministry.  Imago Christi staff and partners are available to provide two training sessions on an individual basis. 

The additional cost for training to use the Teresian Mapping Tool is $50.(Trained coaches are eligible to be listed in the Imago Christi Network of Spiritual Formation Coaches).

More information on Mapping Tool Training

Chapter 3 - Coaching Abiding Prayer

Provides a clear method to help one move from merely talking to God in prayer to listening to His heart. 

Chapter 4 - Coaching the Ignatian Exercises

Provides a clear method for coaching the 19th Annotation of the Ignatian Exercises, in both face-to-face and distance relationships. 

Chapter 5 - Coaching the Spiritual Disciplines

Enables you to help coachees select and adapt the specific spiritual disciplines consistent with their spiritual growth needs.

Chapter 6 - Coaching a Spiritual Formation Plan

Enables you to guide your coachee to pull together what they are learning about their spiritual journey into a simple and attainable plan to cooperate with the Holy Spirit in their ongoing transformation.

Connect with us to find a Spiritual Formation Coach relative to any of these topics.