Imago Christi Resources help people Experience the Love of God by providing effective tools for Spiritual Formation Ministry.


Imago Christi endeavors to support leaders with resources, coaching, and relationships, which facilitate and encourage spiritual formation that reflects the Christ-likeness of Jesus' intimacy with the Father, whereby leaders will learn to follow Jesus specifically in the transformation of the Church, whose love for God will overflow into a world longing for intimacy with God.


Abiding Prayer Resources

  • The Exercises for Discovery Companions includes a detailed introduction to the journey of Abiding Prayer and practical advice for engaging the forms of Abiding Prayer experienced in the Imago Christi Discovery event. These "post-Discovery exercises" include five Abiding Prayer Exercises for each of the Discovery Companions sessions.    
  • The Basics of Lectio Divina by Joy O'Byrne. A basic description and practical guide for those new to this ancient practice of prayer, with suggestions for both individual and group application.
  • Prayer of Examen by Joy O'Byrne. A practical introduction for beginning the simple, yet profound exercise of reviewing God's presence in your day.
  • Walking Your Journey by Bill O'Byrne. A simple guide to processing your spiritual journey and advancing your prayer life through a kinesthetic exercise (see also "A Labyrinthial Poem")
  • An Exploration in the Country of Prayer by Endi Kovacs presents three topics by which to conduct a self-guided retreat that prepares the way to commune more deeply with God in silence.

  • Prayer Guide: Growing a Christ-Centered Life by Stella Ma (see Books by Imago Christ Authors). This prayer guide offers a fresh look at “daily offices” inviting us to be with God throughout our day. It weaves spiritual practices including Bible verses, worship, silence, and confession, into a cohesive and sustainable pattern.  

  • Prayer Exercises by Temperament by Bill O'Byrne. This series is designed to order and balance our prayer life, to offer ourselves more wholly to God through varied approaches to prayer. The series includes:
  • Thirsting for God by Nancy McDowell. A 12 week adventure that will deepen your love relationship and intimacy with God. You will learn to cultivate the discipline of abiding quietly in His presence and hear His voice of love to you through the practice of several different types of prayer and prayer exercises.To order, contact Nancy.
  • A Lenten Journey: A Contemplative Devotional On the Passion and Resurrection of Christ by Bill O'Byrne (see Books by Imago Christ Authors). Springing from the desire for a deeper appreciation and participation with Christ, this Lenten Journey consists of nine weeks of devotional meditations and questions for reflection. The first seven weeks follow Christ’s journey through His passion. Two additional weeks after Easter explore the reality of Jesus’ resurrection life. 

  • Sacred Listening by James Wakefield. An adaptation of the Spiritual Exercises of St. Ignatius Loyola for Protestants. Coaching available upon request (at Connect).