Imago Christi Discovery Events help people

Discover the Love of God in their Spiritual Journey, and

Cooperate with God in their ongoing Formation


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Discovery Events

The Spiritual Formation Discovery for Leaders process is designed for Christians well into the process of Christian maturity. The three-day Discovery event is a series of modules comprised of our stories, instruction and a spiritual exercise that help you discover the keys to your spiritual growth:

  • Your Spiritual Timeline
  • Your Longing for God 
  • Your Place in the Journey
  • Hindrances to Longing
  • The Journey of Abiding Prayer
  • Spiritually Forming Community
  • Your Spiritual Formation Plan

Spiritual Formation Discovery is an interactive group process of assessing where you are in your spiritual journey by bringing clarity to your past spiritual experience, in light of a paradigm for spiritual growth, and the shape of your personal longing for God. Once you discover the context of your spiritual growth, you can cooperate with God more intentionally in your ongoing Spiritual Formation. Our hope is to give you a glimpse of God's heart for you and your future. 

Discovery events provide the common language, practices and experiences needed to build spiritual community in your context. In addition, Discovery provides the basis for transforming your ministry into a place where each person can discover and grow in their longing for deeper intimacy with God, and find support wherever they are on the spiritual journey. 

Cost: As a mission entity Imago Christi is able to present Discovery events purely at cost. The price for a given Discovery event varies entirely with overhead costs for the: 

  • Participant materials 
  • Venue costs for conference rooms and/or retreat accommodations
  • Lunches and snacks throughout the Discovery
  • Travel and lodging for the Imago Christi presenting team
  • A set donation to the Imago Christi Development and Travel fund

Discovery costs do not include your personal meals and travel enroute to the event, or your accommodations for events not held at a retreat center. 

Come discover the experience! 

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