Imago Christi Teresian Mapping Tool

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Teresian Mapping Tool

is a coached, self-assessment test made up of 105 questions in an Excel spreadsheet, based on five categories for each of the seven mansions, as identified by R. Thomas Ashbrook in his book, Mansions of the Heart:

  • Condition of Soul: How do you perceive your own spiritual growth?
  • Actions by the Person: What do you do to grow spiritually? 
  • Nature of Prayer: What kind of prayer accompanies your level of growth?
  • Influence of God: How is God encouraging your spiritual growth? 
  • Schemes of the Enemy: How is Satan seeking to inhibit your growth? 

After submitting the Teresian Mansion Mapping Tool, you will receive:

  1. A set of charts showing your scores by Mansion and by Categories
  2. A coaching session with an Imago Christi Mapping Tool coach
  3. An opportunity to refine your scores by Mansion
  4. A revised set of charts showing the refined scores beside the original scores.
  5. A second coaching session to draw conclusions and insights for your spiritual life.

The Teresian Mansion Mapping Tool is a coached diagnostic tool bringing a personal aspect into the process of refining the self-assessment test, and a guide into the process of interpreting the implications of the Mapping Tool results.

Mapping tool coaching: 

If you only want to receive personal coaching through the Mapping Tool for your own enrichment, please click the button below to fill out the Registration Form and make your secure purchase.

The cost is $25, plus a coaching fee

(suggested: $25+) paid directly to your coach. 

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Once your purchase has been confirmed, we will send you a link to the Mapping Tool Training and assign you a coach.  

Mapping Tool Training

Training is also available for you to use the Teresian Mapping Tool in your ministry context. If you have some experience as a coach, a spiritual director, or a pastor with some knowledge and experience in the area of spiritual formation and familiarity with the Teresian Mansions paradigm, then please consider receiving the training that gives you the permission to use the online tools to coach others through the Mapping Tool. 

The cost is $50, plus coaching fee,

(suggested: $50+) paid directly to your coach.

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Please complete the Registration Form above and make your secure purchase of the training to use the Teresian Mapping Tool in your own ministry. Once your purchase has been confirmed, we will send you a link to the Mapping Tool Training and assign you a coach.  

The Teresian Mapping Tool is for coaches who have purchased Chapter Two of  The Imago Christi Spiritual Formation Coaching Manual. Use of the Tool as a coaching resource requires specific training by Imago Christi Coaches, so that its use can produce the desired results.   For those new to the Teresian Paradigm and Discovery, some preliminary reading may be required.

Your coach will lead you through the entire coaching experience, just as you will lead a coachee through it. Then you will receive an additional training session by a member of Imago Christi to learn to coach others through the Mapping Tool process. Once you have been trained you will be eligible to utilize the Teresian Mapping Tool with your coachees.