that all of them may be one, Father, just as you are in me and I am in you. May they also be in us so that the world may believe that you have sent me.
— Jesus Christ (John 17:21)

Transforming the Church, its Ministry and Mission

in the Love of God


Imago Christi is "an order of spiritual formation missionaries,"

fostering the spiritual formation of Christian leaders,

nurturing spiritual formation communities,

and helping the Church embody spiritual formation ministry.


Imago Christi endeavors to support leaders with resources, coaching, and relationships, which facilitate and encourage spiritual formation that reflects the Christ-likeness of Jesus' intimacy with the Father, whereby leaders will learn to follow Jesus specifically in the transformation of the Church, whose love for God will overflow into a world longing for intimacy with God.

  • We will minister to, mentor and train Christian leaders. Connect with us about opportunities to receive coaching or training in any of our Resources.

  • We will foster spiritual community among Christian leaders in churches, mission agencies and "Christian professions" (counselors, coaches, spiritual directors, seminary instructors, etc.), locally, regionally and internationally. Connect with us about opportunities and coaching in forming spiritual community according to our Gathering rhythms. 

  • We will coach and mentor church leaders to help the Church (in all of its manifestations) become the place of spiritual formation that ministers to people, in every phase of the Christian journey. Connect

  • We will create resources and networks to train and support Christian leaders in each of these spheres and at various levels of the development of these aspects of spiritual formation ministry. Review our Resources and Connect with us about utilizing them in your context. 

  • We will also help to foster a broad spiritual formation movement by reaching out to other spiritual formation entities and ministries, and establish collaborative relationships with these goals in mind. Connect with us about opportunities for collaboration. 

Testimonials of OIC ministry

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Imago Christi Impact Report

Click on the image to Download the Annual Ministry Report from CRM

Click on the image to Download the Annual Ministry Report from CRM

The Annual Ministry Report from CRM for 2015-16 is out. While numbers are only part of the picture of any ministry, the figures below give you a feel for the scope of leaders and ministries that we have had an influence on specifically through the ministry team of Imago Christi, through our Discovery retreats, personal coaching, mentoring and training. 

  • 162 – Leaders developed, mentored and coached by Imago Christi  
  • 659 – People Directly Trained by Imago Christi 
  • 25 Leaders trained and coached by Imago Christi who developed 820 other leaders
  • 526 – New followers of Christ this year through the efforts of leaders and/or churches with whom Imago Christi worked directly
  • 27 – Number of churches trained, mentored or impacted by Imago Christi
  • 15 – Nations that Imago Christi touched: (Afghanistan, Australia, Cambodia, Canada, Costa Rica, Finland, Israel, Indonesia, Lithuania, Nicaragua, Russia, Scotland, Singapore, UK, USA.

Thank you!

to the many financial partners supporting this ministry!

Give it a Try:

The Life of Imago Christi is formed by the rhythms of AbidingGathering and Mission. Our rhythms of Mission are comprised of the uniquely spiritually forming ways, in which we minister to others, inviting them into the rhythms of Abiding in Communion with God and Gathering Spiritual Community. 

A key aspect to our Missional rhythms is to take the initiative in our Christian relationships to focus explicitly on our First Order relationship with God, which is the source and goal of our Christian fellowship and ministry. 


  • Pray for your pastor, or the leader of your ministry group/team. Invite them over, or out, in order to ask them one question: "How is it with you and Jesus?" Then simply listen and pray for them (that is, after you pick them up off the floor!). 
  • Utilize one of the "Give it a Try" Exercises at the bottom of the Abiding or Gathering pages of our site with your small group, or in your ministry context, and watch the reaction. 
  • At the end of any serious interaction, or ministry meeting, ask "How can I be praying for you?" as a way to shift the focus from our "doing for God," onto our "being and doing with God." And then of course pray! Pray the blessing over them and the empowerment of an intimate walk with Jesus for them. 
  • Make an annual, quarterly or monthly retreat part of the job description for the staff of your church, ministry or mission agency. Make the value of spiritual nourishment and health actual values that are normalized in your corporate ministry culture. 

Aidan's Prayer:

Read the following prayer attributed to a seventh century, celtic monk, who lived on the tidal island of Lindisfarne. With the ebb and flow of the tides Aidan and his fellows would leave the island to minister to the people in the countryside of Northumbria, England, and beyond. The "Pilgrims Way" pictured below marks the safest passage across to Lindisfarne at low tide.   

  • Read the following prayer. Slowly. A few times. 
  • Picture the "ebb and flow" of the tides of your life with God: "holy alone" and involved in the "busy world."
  • How could you make this "ebb and flow" between Abiding and Missionality more intentional in your own life?  

The more we learn the "ebb and flow" between these rhythms of Abiding and Missionality, the more we will find ourselves able to "carry Your Presence to the busy world."  


Utilize the "Give it a Try" exercises

at the bottom each of the Abiding, Gathering and Mission pages

for an experiential taste of these Rhythms of Transformation. 

(Navigate between the Rhythms pages, using the secondary navigation bar at the very bottom of each page.)