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Gathering to hear, see, be with each other as a tangible experience God's Love

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The Life of Imago Christi is formed by the rhythms of Abiding, Gathering and Mission(-ality), which flow out of our Communion with God, our intentional, Spiritual Community with each other, and a common commitment to spiritually transformative Ministry


View the following three classic paintings, which exemplify the same three movements in the life of Christ. Then watch them a second time, pausing this time to read the captions. Next, take time to linger with the Lord around these three movements as long as He holds your attention on each one. Finally, let the slideshow run through them quickly a few more times. 


Which of these movements draws you the most? Which is the most threatening, or daunting? What is God's call, His personal invitation to you through this exercise? How do you wish to respond to Him? What is the next step in loving obedience to His call?