Discovery Companions: 

Deepening Discovery with a Spiritual Companion

The Exercises for Spiritual Companions guide will help you to deepen your experience of the themes introduced in the Imago Christi Spiritual Formation Discovery. In this resource, you will find eight sessions to guide you and the Discovery Companion of your choice into deeper insights about yourself, your spiritual journey, and your longing for a more intimate relationship with God. 

  • Each session includes preparatory Abiding Prayer and Deepening Discovery Exercises that integrate the Discovery module themes to help you go deeper.  
  • Eight sessions at your own pace with the Companion of your choice.


The Exercises for Discovery Companions contains: 


Opening Session:  Companions in Discovery

Session 1:  Spiritual Timeline—Telling Your Story

Session 2:  Spiritual Timeline – Views of God

Session 3:  Spiritual Longing

Session 4:  Hindrances to Longing

Session 5:  A Journey of Longing through the Paradigm

Session 6:  Longing and Spiritual Community

Closing Session: Discovery Companions in Transition


Click here to Download a Preview of the "Introductory Materials," for more detailed information.

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  • Note: We MUST receive matching Registrations from BOTH Discovery Companions, in order to send out the materials, after which the Coordinator will assign you with an Imago Christi Community member, with whom you will schedule your Opening Session. 

If needed, you can Request a Companion by clicking the button, filling out the request form, and the Imago Christi Discovery Companions Coordinator will contact you.

  • An Imago Christi Community member will be assigned to you by the Coordinator, as a Coach to guide you through the Opening and Closing sessions, and be available to answer any of your questions along the way.
  • Then help us develop Discovery Companions further by providing us with Feedback.

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Evaluate your Experience

After you have completed the full eight sessions of the Exercises for Discovery Companions, fill out the Evaluation Form, which the Discovery Companions Coordinator will send to your Imago Christi Coach for your Closing Session.  (opens April 3, 2017)

OPEN FORM (to come)